4 April Fools Jokes We Wish Were Real

By Posted on April 1, 2015,

Here at This Is Publicity we love a good prank, so you can imagine our excitement on April 1st – the day when some of the most creative (and ludicrous!) ideas surface on the Internet. Here are some of our favourites from top brands this year.

Google Panda

It’s like Siri, but dressed in a cuter outfit. The search engine giant created an impressive faux product launch video – complete with a hired audience – announcing the release of its latest product, ‘Google Panda’, which will change the way you search for information forever.

Pets Unleashed by T-Mobile

Tech devices for animals – you’ve got to love it! Any pet owner would want to have this very imaginative proposition: Pet Tinder, Fitness Apps for Pets, Pet Selfies – the possibilities are endless.

Lion Cub Deliveries

Uber together with Nat Geo Wild promised all cat lovers to deliver lion cubs on demand. Meow – needless to say we wanted one! Click here to see how you can make your request.

Introducing Playdating

Hinge launches an app for toddlers to find playdates, what’s not to like?