Creating a Community with Friends of Glass


We helped Friends of Glass to create a community of 220,000 people, in Europe and beyond, all of whom are passionate about their own environmental impact and who pledge to choose glass for a better planet and a healthier lifestyle.

Through various PR activities, surveys, social media campaigns and events we worked to engage with consumers and retailers to raise awareness that glass is the ideal packaging material for families and for the environment.

With glass unrivalled in its sustainability credentials, the Friends of Glass community believes that glass is the most ocean-friendly packaging to avoid harmful marine littering.

Friends of Glass was created by FEVE (the European Container Glass Federation), an international not-for-profit association representing glass packaging for food and drink, flacons for perfumery, pharmacy and cosmetics and glass tableware makers.

Join the growing community of glass advocates on Facebook and Twitter and add your voice to the Friends of Glass community today at