POST DISMAL – A solo show by artist Jeff Gillette


Hailed as the artist that inspired Dismaland, Gillette’s work may be familiar since Banksy brought it to the British public’s attention last year. While Gillette’s work was included as part of the first-of-its-kind bemusement park, the installations all shared a common theme that echoed the artist’s signature subversion of Disney and its characters.

Featuring 15 paintings, Gillette’s latest body of work is a continuation of the post-apocalyptic scenes he’s been creating for over 20 years. This time, however, Gillette turns the tables on Banksy, with many scenes in his new work inspired by Dismaland.

This Is Publicity carried out PR and social media activity for the show.

Objectives: Encourage sales of the new artworks and built Jeff Gillette’s profile in the UK.

Results: A double page feature in the London Evening Standard on the opening night of the show, Telegraph, London Live and Vice interviews are just a few highlights of the successful PR campaign for the show.

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