Los Delicious Panel Event

Full Panel Production: Talent Booking, Subject Research and Script Development, Overseeing Audio & Lighting, Event Promotion and Custom Graphics.


We believe that the unique qualities of the food and drinks filling the kitchens and mouths of Los Angeles has undoubtedly made this a more wonderful city. The impact of multiple cultures in a shared space can have a wide variety of positive effects. We can look to food as a microcosm of that complex intersection and can learn from the successes and shortcomings of cuisine-assimilation.


Richard “Reach” Guintois the managing editor of Foodbeast and the host of ‘Taste The Details’. From the latest food trends, immigrant-led kitchens and some of the world’s finest dining experiences, Reach has covered and told a variety of ‘delicious’ stories through different people and dishes.

Andrew Chau is the co-founder of Boba Guys, aiming for the highest quality bubble milk tea in the world. With locations in LA, San Francisco and New York, the Boba Guys are bringing their perfected process and delicious drinks to customers across the country.

Nakul Mahendro is the co-owner of the “approachable and badass” Indian gastropub Badmaash. In partnership with his brother and father, Nakul is bringing this fresh, colorful, and delicious spin on traditional and modern Indian cuisine to DTLA and Fairfax.

Ben Mesirow is a Northeast LA native who writes food, sports, fiction, and TV. At one point or another his work has appeared in The LA Times, LA Magazine, LAist, Litro, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and Beer Paper LA, among other outlets. His specialties are street food, pizza, beer, coffee, short stories, and basketball. It’s a hard life. If you ask him for one restaurant recommendation you’ll get ten, unless you ask him to recommend his favorite taco… and then you’ll get fifty.

Evi Aki is the founder of Ev’s Eats and the author of ‘Flavors of Africa’. The cookbook contains many authentic family recipes from all over the continent. As a true foodie, Evi loves sharing her adventures in food, creating recipes and reviewing restaurants in Los Angeles.

Perrin Davidson is an LA based entrepreneur and attorney. He is the co-founder of the influential food media brand LAeats, has developed the incredible restaurant finding tool LA Food Map, and is building a catalog of food-based video content for the LAeats video channels.


LutherBob Chen, trained at the Culinary Institute of America, is the founder of secret LA underground dining club Xing Wei and owner of the successful food truck concept Shao Kao BBQ. Featured numerous times in publications such as LA Mag, LA Times, Vice Munchies and more. When not cooking up his own creations, Luther loves to discover the newest in LA’s abundant food scene.