Our Low Down on New Social Media Network We Heart It

By Posted on January 13, 2016,


You may or may not be familiar with We Heart It, but the new social media app promises to be big within the world of content marketing in 2016.

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Similar to Instagram by using the “heart” button and hash tagging  images or videos, We Heart It members can create personal or meaningful collections of images. Users can follow other members, collections or create their own; but the key feature is there’s no general commenting allowed on images.

We Heart It is designed as a place of positivity; recognising creativity, appreciation of and engagement with topics including fashion, beauty and food.

Obviously the app is doing something right, as it was named in Google Play’s annual list of Best Apps of 2015 in the Communications and Social category alongside Twitter and Skype, and has a five star average rating in Apple’s iTunes app store.

What is the point we hear you say; after all this is a social media app – so where is the real engagement? It’s created within the option to send ‘postcards’ of a chosen image with a small comment to either your followers, or via text or email to your own contacts. This allows personalised user engagement but on a far smaller and more controlled scale. Think quality over quantity.

With a community of over 40 million users worldwide, a predominantly female demographic, of which over 80 percent is under the age of 25, We Heart It has fully embraced Millennial dominance in social media.

With the trend for increased online anonymity and the heavy preference for quick engagement in visual imagery and videos with little written text (Snapchat, Instagram, Secret), marketers are beginning to recognise the power of these platforms.

Brands beginning to use We Heart It for native advertising include Hollister, Victoria’s Secret Pink, Macys and Vera Wang’s Princess – all with impressive success.

In February 2015, Disney’s film Cinderella released a creative campaign on We Heart It that quickly went viral, gaining over 10,000 shares outside the platform alone. Vera Wang’s Princess perfume engaged with their audience with behind the scenes photo-shoot imagery, generating over 4,000 hearts on a single image and followers ‘hearting’ Vera Wang’s authentic imagery at a high rate of around three engagements per follower.

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In late December 2015, We Heart It released a direct tie-in application, Easel – a content creation app. Easel allows users to quickly create custom imagery to upload to We Heart It or other social networks – it quickly garnered tens of thousands of daily downloads.

We will certainly be keeping a close eye on We Heart It‘s quietly steady growth in the battle to be the top social network. With the main ethos of endorsing positivity and inspiration within the app and its users, that’s something we can definitely get on board with.