A picture says a thousand words, videos go viral and infographics help demystify the most complex of subjects. Whichever way you look at it, creative visual content is an essential part of both on and offline communications.

Almost every news story needs a strong accompanying image, so as well as working with a network of specialist photographers, we have the in-house capacity for general photography to support press releases. All our images are suitable for print and online, and we offer clients full rights to the imagery we take on their behalf.

Our visuals team produce excellent quality videos. A powerful and engaging way to convey your message, video content is also great collateral for online campaigns.

As well as editorial and advertorial style videos, which work well on brand websites and YouTube channels, we specialize in creating short videos for social media campaigns. From conceptual ideas and storyboarding, to filming and editing, we have got it covered.

Our graphic designer, not only creates brilliant branding and logos; she is also ingenious at creative graphics – great for use on websites, social media and alongside press materials. We find creative graphics are particularly useful when you have a service, process or data that needs explaining simply.

In a nutshell, rich media makes information far more attractive and engaging – to potential customers, journalists, social media channels and search engines. You need it and we can help.