Social Media Channels that Failed to Catch On

By Posted on April 6, 2015,

Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest – we simply can’t imagine our daily lives without at least one of these online communication channels, but how about some of the less successful social media platforms? Have a look at the list below and let us know which ones you have heard of before or even maybe had a profile on 😉

iTunes Ping

Launched: September 2010 – Finished: September 2012

So even tech giant Apple can get it very wrong, this social media music network

never really kicked off. Ping was supposed to be used as a place for music fans to connect with their favourite artists, however said music artists decided to stick with more traditional social media channels, never really giving Ping a chance.


Launched: November 2010 – Still active

Known as a Facebook rival, the platform was created following Facebook’s much publicised privacy issues. The channel was designed to give you full control over your personal data, however without being able to import any external news, the profile feeds become rather boring and too quiet for any real ‘social’ experience.

Yahoo! Buzz

Launched: February 2008 – Finished: April 2011

Positioned as a community-based news article website, Buzz combined social bookmarking and a voting system. The main reasons for its failure were simply down to a lack of innovation, with it’s rivals Digg and reddit gaining more and more traction every day. The company finally admitted defeat and closed the platform in 2011.