The Rise of the ‘Digital Nomad’

By Posted on April 9, 2019,


Spurring the evolution of the traditional office workplace is the rapid and widespread rise of the ‘digital nomad’.

A digital nomad is a person who works remotely from either home, abroad or essentially wherever their person is currently situated. This is made increasingly possible via the utilisation of digital technology and modern communication tools such as video-chat, online project management tools and e-mail.

Gaining recognition and acceptance as a viable way of working in the modern world, remote working is a game changer for PRs, freelancers and many others in traditionally office-based jobs.

Why we’re a part of the movement

Here at This Agency, we use remote working to our advantage. Concise and clear communication between co-workers is essential; and it’s something we have in abundance. So while we may be nomadic in terms of location, daily conversations and collaboration means we’re never alone and have a strong sense of team (or tribe!).

From a personal perspective, we find that as a virtual agency, the benefits of remote working are fantastic; allowing us to have a great work/life balance.  Plus there’s no daily commute, so travel costs are greatly reduced and we have more time to do other things.


Of course we still have regular face-to-face team and client meetings – nothing is better for rapport, but on the whole our work lives are far more streamlined and time efficient.


Our work-smart approach also means we provide the best possible service to our clients. Not having the usual constraints of an office, nor the traditional working hours, allows for creativity to flow, productivity to increase and freedom to dictate what your ideal work day looks like.


Next level remote working


We recently found out about a year-long remote working program, Remote Year, in which you pay to be part of a group of remote workers, working and travelling the world together. An amazing experience for those who don’t have ties to home (kids, pets, elderly relatives etc), and a great way to continue working and earning while experiencing new countries and cultures.

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Creating the right space


Being a digital nomad may not be for everyone. You have to be disciplined in your approach to work, especially if you work from home. We find having a home office or a designated area to work is key.


Our Account Exec Alice feels while at home, sat at her desk means down to business and creating her own ideal work environment aids concentration. She says: “I love burning candles while I work, and I often have fresh flowers on my desk. I’ve usually also got my music turned up loud, as I find it helps me stay focussed.”


Don’t forget being connected is key. Decent phone signal and wifi connection are a must.


If you need any ideas or inspiration on how to create the ideal remote workspace, take a look at this fantastic infographic from Wrike.




Is it for you?


You should feel comfortable with self-autonomy, and your own company. To see how it’s done, check out this Youtube channel (imaginatively called One Way Ticket), which documents the lives of remote workers.


Often, many remote workers will go to a café or public space (think parks in the summer, coffee shops in the winter). However co-sharing office space, especially within the creative industries, has also seen a significant rise – keep a look out for more on this topic from us soon.


And if you work in PR or digital marketing and would be interested in finding out about job opportunities available via This Is Publicity, feel free to get in touch.


Here’s to a work life that works for you!


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